Monday, January 02, 2006

ROTTEN TOMATOES: Bombs to the Bomb Special Feature

If the swarm of Oscar-prediction websites obsessing over all over the hothouse/arthouse critics' darlings has you feeling claustrophobic, the folks at Rotten Tomatoes have just what you need -- ROTTEN TOMATOES: Bombs to the Bomb, a delicious re-look at some of the year's worst movies to recast them (not, alas literally) as awards-bait. I loved it even though it includes "Supercross" -- which I gave one of its 2 (out of 55) positive reviews (and then completely forgot).

I also loved this year's Slate Movie Club discussion, always the year's best, most provocative, and most purely entertaining round-up (even if they do spend too much time on the "no one's ever heard of this movie and it only had one showing at the East Grinstock Film Festival and Bake Sale and it's in !Kung without subtitles but has a transcendent performance and a piercing depiction of government inhumanity and family dyfunction"-type films). It's smarter and more fun than most of the movies it covers.

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