Thursday, March 16, 2006

Short films online

I am a big fan of You Tube and Google Video.  Yes, there are way too many clips of people lip-synching and dumb pranks and stunts. I know your babies/kittens/girlfriends are adorable, but forgive me for telling you -- not quite as adorable as you think. Many are dull, inept, and pointless. And people -- spelling and grammar count.

I keep going back because I really do enjoy the insouciance, irreverence, and immediacy of the best ones. I have particularly liked:

Why I Got Fired from Apple (featuring a poem about a Canadian Fed Ex lady)

A sweet song about true love and devotion from Tripod

The Star Wars Lego symphony, conducted, of course, by Darth Vadar.

Speaking of Star Wars, check out this very fine light saber clip, too.

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