Thursday, June 29, 2006

Love Letter to Lois - Superman's main squeeze -- and mine. By Troy Patterson

I spent a fair bit of time as Lois Lane when I was 7, waiting in my friend Marty's house for him to change from his playclothes into his Superman pajamas so he could pretend to fly into the room and rescue me. And when I got older I loved reading about Lois as much as I did about Supe, especially those "imaginary" stories where she got to marry him. (I know, I know, they're all imaginary, but these were categorized that way so they did not have to act as precedent and have their story lines continued in other issues.) I liked the way Lois had a job that let her be curious and say what she thought -- in print. So I enjoyed this
Love Letter to Lois in Slate by Troy Patterson who shows us how Lois changed over the years (a pill-box hat?) and reminds us that she wasn't clueless in failing to figure out the Clark/Superman connection; she was busy working!

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