Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Free your inner Xtina!

I am a big fan of Christina's new video for "Ain't No Other Man". But even better is this fans only version. Who among us hasn't held up a hairbrush as microphone to pretend that sound was coming out of our mouths?

I love the little glimpses of people's homes. I'm sure the only reason one didn't clean up her bedroom before setting up the camera was that she was too busy working on her moves. Not sure about the breakfront/exercise equipment/fireplace as a background, but the from-the-refrigerator POV is inspired. I get the dancing around a cardboard Christina, but I'd like to know what went into the decision to wear Mickey Mouse ears.

I love the range of participants -- children, teens, possibly some grown-ups, male, female, and possibly all of the above, people who sing into wooden spoons, a remote control, even a microphone. And I love the way the fans get into it without any inhibition or coolness worries. Some of them are really quite creative and some have some great moves. Major props go to the editor. That's the video editor; the copy editor committed the hanging offense of an inappropriate apostrophe. It's not "Fan's Only Video," folks, unless you're trying to say that it is the only video the fan has.

But, as with the "Million Ways" competition, what I really love most is the way the line between content creators and content consumers, once blurred, is now dissolving entirely.

And I hearby promise no more videos on this blog for a few days.


Pat said...

boohoo yahoo
does not support macs

Nell Minow said...

Oh, no, you're right! Here's what Yahoo has to say:

Mac nerds: we have not forgotten about you. You’re next on our list. Would be most helpful if Microsoft would build a scriptable version of the Windows Media plugin for your platform, but we’ve given up on relying on our pals in Redmond for that. Don’t hold your breath, but we will get there eventually, one way or another. You are loved and we’re trying to figure out the best way to get Music Videos to you. Promise.

Anonymous said...

the mickey mouse ears are for the fact that Christina was on the 90s' version of the Mickey Mouse Club