Friday, September 29, 2006

Quote of the Week -- Stephen Hunter

Stephen Hunter reviews "The Guardian:"

The movie begins to overload its frail reed of a structure with giant sloppages of cliches from other movies, some so bad it's almost comical. Costner's wife (Sela Ward) has left him and he misses her, so we get a few scenes of the drunken, embittered guy on the phone, begging her to pick up over voice mail. Then Kutcher picks up a gal at a bar (Washingtonian Melissa Sagemiller) and begins one of those aren't-we-quiptastic flirtations that seem to happen only in movies.

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Billy said...

"Aren't we quiptastic" -- that's a great Stephen Hunter line. I haven't seen The Guardian, but it could also describe any exchange on The Gilmore Girls or any Aaron Sorkin show (with the addition of fast walking down hallways).