Sunday, December 17, 2006

Stocking stuffer for your favorite movie fan has a good idea -- a gift card that entitles the recipient to two "good" movies. I might quibble with some of their choices -- "Equilibrium" got only a 34% positive rating from Rotten Tomatoes -- but it is easy to use, many of the choices are excellent, and I like the way it includes shipping and handling.

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5280Angel said...

To be honest, I thought the same thing about some of the title selections offered on the DVD, but after discussing the issue with the company and hearing how they made their choices, I realized how challenging it is to hit EVERYONE'S best movie list. The process did entail combining several popular lists and choosing ones that appeared on more than one. I am sure you could make suggestions for future cards, and the company would be happy to hear your thoughts. As full disclosure I am an investor in the company, but even if I weren't, I still like the concept, and frankly, the mini DVD is just cool.