Friday, February 02, 2007

Quotes of the Week -- "Because I Said So" round-up

A little glass half full action here:

The only thing you can't fault in "Because I Said So" is Keaton's integrity, as she commits herself completely to a disastrous role.
Bruce Newman, Mercury News (He also says, however, that "but the pyre that Keaton makes of her career with this ghastly contrivance is unforgettable. And unforgivable.")

Sitting through a horrifically misbegotten movie can inspire meditations on the bigger picture:

If these are the only kinds of roles we can conceive for actresses who have grown into their faces, as Keaton has, it's no wonder so many younger performers are seeking the knife.
Stephanie Zacharek, Salon

Ann Hornaday puts the movie on the couch:

Movies about therapy are fun. Movies that need therapy are not.
Washington Post And love her description of Keaton's performance: Acting like a whooping crane on Ritalin and getting hit in the face with a bar mitzvah cake.

And, of course, the inevitable play on the title:

"Stay home. Because I said so."
Victoria Alexander, FilmsInReview

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