Saturday, April 21, 2007

Live music for silent movies

The MMI Institute participants just attended a screening of William S. Hart's 1916 silent film, "Hell's Hinges," introduced by Diane Kaiser Koszarski, the author of Complete Films of William S. Hart. The highlight was the haunting live musical accompaniment, part original, part adapted from traditional music of the era, performed by Donald Sosin, dressed in a cowboy shirt and jeans for the occasion.

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Donald Sosin said...

Dear Nell,

I'm so happy you got to see Hell's Hinges. The Narrow Trail, today's 2nd feature, is also wonderful, as is The Whistle.

I'll be playing at the National Gallery for two lovely Czech films on June 3: SUCH IS LIFE and KREUTZER SONATA, the latter with a fine violinist from the National Symphony, Laurent Weibel. Hope you can come.

Best wishes,