Friday, May 04, 2007

One sings, the other...unfortunately sings, too

Two movies opening this weekend, and two adorable actresses sing -- badly -- in each of them. Drew Barrymore was supposed to sing badly in "Music and Lyrics," so that was all right. But in "Lucky You" she is supposed to be a would-be singer with her first professional gig. In Las Vegas. Yeah, not much competition there. She was much better off as the only performer whose singing was dubbed in "Everyone Says I Love You." She should have learned her lesson from Julia Roberts in that film and have left the singing to someone who can hit the notes.

Kirsten Dunst plays aspiring actress MJ in the "Spider-Man" movies. In the third installment, she has her Broadway debut. She gets fired for her bad performance (presumably her thin voice) and yet manages to get a job as a singing waitress. She takes on Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot by singing "I'm Through With Love" -- off-key. It would be better if she and Barrymore would be through with singing.

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