Monday, August 13, 2007

What is ABC's idea of family programming

The ABC Family channel is heavily promoting a new animated series called "Slacker Cats" with a commercial that includes the word "perv." One review notes:

The humor isn't dirty so much as disgusting. In tonight's show, Buckley and Eddie borrow Flat Man and have Dooper climb inside his corpse in order to collect reward money from the family who lost their cat. The jokes will appeal mostly to 14-year-old boys - or 35-year-olds who either never grew up or who have decorator bongs on their end tables.

According to the show's website, future episodes include one where the cats sell their friend to a lab to raise stakes for a poker game. Whose idea of family programming is this again?


J.D. said...

They basically dropped the "Family" a LOOOOOOONG time ago. You know, when they started airing Independence Day and the over-sexed teenage "comedies".

Nell Minow said...

You are so right! They should just give up and change the name -- maybe "Trashy Teen Stuff Channel."