Friday, November 02, 2007

Last Lecture of Randy Pausch

The "Last Lecture" is an academic tradition. It is supposed to be theoretical, a sort of intellectual "desert island discs," what the professor would want to say as a summation of his or her life and ideas. In the case of Professor Randy Pausch, it is literally a "last lecture" because he recently learned that his pancreatic cancer prognosis gives him only a few more months to live. The 47-year-old father of three young children talks about what makes life worth living, about achieving his childhood dreams and helping others achieve theirs. The lecture is thrilling, engrossing, inspiring, hilarious, meaningful, unforgettable.


David Apatoff said...

Very touching and sad. What a wonderful guy. Thanks for sharing.

Big Dave T said...

Amusing and inspiring. I particularly liked the two "head fake" surprises at the end.

Something tells me that you're like Randy in that you both like to have fun in your work--that Tigger kind of person.

Nell Minow said...

Anyone who does not have fun being a movie critic is beyond help! Thanks, Big Dave. I'm glad you liked it.