Saturday, May 07, 2005

GreenCine Movie Primers

GreenCine Movie Primers are terrific essays published by Nexflix-rival GreenCine, who believe that "DVDs are not just entertainment but film-schools-in-a-box." They are short but sharp and informative introductory guides to classic film genres from French New Wave to Hammer Horror, from the ultra-(if sometimes artificial)-naturalism of Dogme 95 to the ultra, well, ultra-ism of Godzilla. These intros are a most-welcome inspiration to look beyond the "new releases" shelf for last-season's multiplex fodder.

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JMR said...

Wow, hadn't heard about GreenCine. Is the advantage that they cater to so-called "alternative films"? Should I promote them in class over Netflix? (Not that I can get either service yet -- if I do that, or get cable, then I'll never get tenure, hahaha...)

By the way, I have a question directed specifically to you up on my blog...