Friday, May 06, 2005

Will we (must we) always have Paris?

It's all-Paris, all the time today as this week's movie meme from the critics seems to be that the only possible reason for putting Paris Hilton in a movie like House of Wax is to see her get killed.

"Purists, be warned: This scare-flick quickie has as much relation to the 1953 Vincent Price classic with the same title as Paris Hilton does to acting."
Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

"socialite non-talent Paris Hilton makes a dry-run attempt at costarring in a movie more humiliating than her accidental hit porno 1 Night in Paris, which at least offered a few spasms of amusement, if not better fleshed-out characters."
Aaron Hillis, Premiere Magazine

Adding insult to injury is the inclusion of Paris Hilton among the cast members. She’s the cinematic equivalent of a stray dog, an untrained extra that accidentally wandered into the shot and quickly began making love to the camera. Her death is the most spectacular in the film, and at the screening I attended, applause broke out when it happened; but then again, she’s so affected and unconvincing as a couture-wearing, sex-crazed model type (basically, herself) that she compromises the film’s credibility (never mind how much or little it possessed prior to her participation).
Todd Gilchrist, Film Stew

"the camera is like a loving captive of Hilton's assured smirk and self-aware demeanor."
Phil Villarreal, Arizona Daily Star

On the other hand Robert Rosado of efilmcritic has a different point of view -- he liked the movie, was happily surprised to find strong performances (even from Paris) and a horror movie script that allowed its characters to show good sense, and concludes that it is "commendably stylish and effective."

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