Saturday, January 06, 2007

Dumbest/Worst Movie Moments

To quote Mrs. Miniver, lists are "indefensible but irresistible." And the most satisfying are worsts, not bests.

Keith Demko of the always-enjoyable Reel Fanatic blog has posted his worst movies of 2006 list, and his always-reliable commentors have added their thoughts.

This list of Dumbest Movie Moments prompted a great outpouring of pain from Washington Post readers eager to share their miserable moments. Here was my addition:

Unquestionably -- the end of "Sphere." The greatest gap between talent/achievement of the actors/writer/director and result in the history of movies.

Other bonehead endings: "The Forgotten," "Gothika," "Flightplan," "Desperate Measures." THE VERY DUMBEST EVER.

Radio listeners who hear my reviews will be familiar with the "Nell Minow Gothika Rule" that I invoke for movies with unforgiveably idiotic endings. I will give away the ending for anyone who sends me an email. "Desperate Measures" and "Sphere" were before my time, but the others gave me great pleasure only in saving my listeners from having to suffer through them as I did.

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