Saturday, January 06, 2007

List of lists and critiquing the critics

Greencine puts it all together for you with a list of lists from a wide variety of critics.

But the guilty pleasure of the month has to be from Eric Childress with his list of the most reprehensible movie critic "quote whores," those folks who will give the studios a "Magnificent!" "Oscar-worthy" "Fun for the whole family!" "A must-see!" for their most mind-meltingly atrocious catastrophes.

I was especially gratified to see Janet Stokes and the all-but-imaginary "Film Advisory Board" listed. Her utterly indefensible and misleading raves include:

Doogal - Laugh-out-loud funny! An adventure that both kids and adults will love!
Eragon - Magnificent. A magical adventure for the family.

The Pink Panther - Sheer enjoyment for all the family.
Deck the Halls - A family comedy that’s a true holiday treasure.

As he notes, the last two are truly reprehensible as the movies include raunchy humor that is completely inappropriate for children.

Thanks to Eric Childress for his tireless research in the name of integrity.

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