Sunday, July 02, 2006

Barnyard gender questions...

The trailers for the new Nickeodeon movie "Barnyard" are very cute and the movie looks like a lot of fun. I like the way the cow shouts "MAN-a-bunga" when he jumps into the pond. But I couldn't help wondering -- I know I'm just a city girl, but aren't cows....female? Didn't the not-nearly-as-bad-as-its-reputation "Home on the Range" give its cow characters the voice talents of Roseanne Barr and Dame Judi Dench? But the cows in "Barnyard"have names like Eddie and Otis, with voices by Kevin James and Sam Elliott.

And another question -- a second animated movie in the same summer with cow-tipping humor? (The other one was "Cars.") Is there some kind of cow-tipping zeitgeist to make this a timely subject for kids' movies?

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