Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Comic-Con, part 1

Comic-Con attendees take their passions very seriously. In this crowd "fan-boy" is a compliment. But they don't take themselves seriously. Young American Comics handed out "Comic-Con Bingo #2," a game-board with squares for convention icons and stereotypes, inviting attendees to cross off five in any direction to win. Targets included "inappropriate spandex" (illustration of a tubby Wonder Woman), "superhero on cell phone," "three of a kind" (illustration of three puzzled Darth Vadars eying each other), "covered in buttons (50+)", "card game in progress," and "costume girl mobbed by fanboys." Let's just say that no one there would have had a problem completing a row. And the program description of a panel discussion on vintage comics ended, "Witty comments and knowing glances will be provided free for all."

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