Monday, July 10, 2006

Yahoo's "The 9"

If you bypass the annoyingly chirpy hostess, who reminds me of those awful "what's new in technology" shows they force-feed to airline passengers and some cheesy self-promotion, the new The 9 feature on Yahoo!, each day's 9 coolest sites, has a very promising start. I especially liked Daily Dancer. Remember the old advice, "Dance like no one is watching?" There now seems to be an addendum: "And then post it on the Internet." Even though I get a huge kick out of the new Mac ads (I'm a big Justin Long fan and am looking forward to his new movie, "Accepted," next month), I enjoyed the Vh1 parodies. The Ask a Ninja and cat massages dog clips are old news to anyone who's been on You Tube, it is shameful for them to try to plug their own Yahoo Buzz page, and the doodle like Jackson Pollock site just barely makes it only because they came up with the caption "Never Mind the Pollocks," but the Men Who Look Like Kenny Rogers is just the kind of time-waster the Internet was made for.

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