Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Best Rock and Roll Movies

When the two most explosive cultural forces of the 20th century -- movies and rock and roll music -- the result has often been disappointing, the worst of both worlds rather than the whole exceeding the sum of the parts. But AFI's Murray Horwitz and radio listeners have come up with this list of the best rock and roll movies for
NPR, all well worth watching and hearing.


Erika said...


I'm waaaay behind reading this post, but still interested in viewing these recommended movies. The link seems to have been taken down now. Did you save a listing anywhere?


Nell Minow said...

Thanks, Erika, and I hope you will continue to visit my blog at its new location:

The link with the list of the best rock and roll movies still works but it is an audio list so you need to be able to hear it. It is at:

If you still have problems accessing it, let me know.