Sunday, March 11, 2007

onBeing -- Brilliant little films from the Washington Post

onBeing is a new feature from the Washington Post, a series of small films by Jennifer Crandall about local people of all kinds. They are simple, just people talking about their lives in front of a white screen. A man explains that he is usually pretty easy-going and low maintenance, except that he has some standards about things like elevators and coffee. A man who came to Washington from New Orleans after Katrina explains his struggles with the racist views of his upbringing. A young nun talks about how she found her vocation and what it means to her. A Hindu teacher of devotional music sings with her daughter-in-law. A little boy talks about what he has learned and what he thinks being older will be like. A gay Mormon talks about why he did not leave his church, even though it seemed to be leaving him. A Chinese-American cheesemaker talks about learning what the cheese is trying to tell you (apparently it was telling her to quit being a lawyer). Each is a gem, utterly involving and endearing.

onBeing is a project based on the simple notion that we should get to know one another a little better. What you’ll find here is a series of videos that takes you into the musings, passions, histories and quirks of all sorts of people. The essence of who they are, who we are.

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