Friday, March 16, 2007

Quote of the Week -- Premonition

I had a premonition that critics would refer to the title in their reviews of this stinker. And I was right! But I got a big charge out of Michael Phillips in the Chicago Tribune, who managed to refer to both Rocky and Bullwinkle's Mr. Peabody and Alfed Hitchcock's "Saboutage:"

On loan from Sherman and Peabody of "The Bullwinkle Show," Sandra Bullock's wayback machine is getting quite a workout lately...Thriller aficionados may enjoy the bit where children sing a bit of "Who Killed Cock Robin?", a song figuring in a key scene from Hitchcock's "Sabotage." Too often people use Hitchcock to club another director's efforts into submission, even when the film in question isn't remotely Hitchockian.

I thought Bill Muller said it best in the Arizona Republic:

In Premonition, Sandra Bullock plays a woman going through a horrifying experience. She keeps waking up in this movie.

By the way, for the fourth time ever, I have invoked the ever-popular "Gothika Rule" (previous winners: "Gothika," of course, "The Forgotten," and "Flightplan"), which means that I will give away the ending to anyone who sends me an email at

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